Certifications & Qualifications

Laboratory Certifications

  • Our accredited stem cell laboratory is certified cGMP(PIC/S) by the Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Our MSC is carefully selected from healthy born babies human umbilical cord after undergoing extensive screening tests and procedure
  • All our MSC infusion clients are given a certificate from our accredited laboratory certifying the number of MSC
  • All our stem cell infusion are carried out at our panel hospitals by our specialist doctor after proper and extensive consultation
  • Our anti aging and wellness MSC therapy is a holistic program complete with pre blood test screening and specialist doctor consultation and post stem cell infusion blood test screening
  • We provide all our clients with a premier and personalized experience with the highest professional care and service

Quality Assurance & Safety

  • Cell Morphology
  • Cell Viability
  • Sterility Test
  • Bacterial Endotoxin Test
  • Mycoplasma Test
  • Immunophenotyping Analysis
  • In-Vitro Cell Differentiation Assay
  • Karyotyping Analysis